Rector’s Update – 24 March

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Today is the Commemoration of Archbishop Oscar Romero.  He was an incredibly brave man who was martyred in 1980.  To read more about him you could try here –

At 9 o’clock this morning I decided to ring the bell just to let our neighbours know we are still here and perhaps to provide a beacon of hope to any who are feeling anxious these days.  I rang it 8 times which symbolizes 7 days of creation and 1 day of new creation.  Incidentally, that is why many fonts and pulpits are eight sided.

Later in the morning, I walked down Corydon to Lilac just to greet neighbours (at a safe distance).  Most of the shops are closed.  Small businesses are having a very difficult time at the moment and I ask you to keep them all in your prayers.

From yesterday’s ‘For All The Saints’:

Gregory the Illuminator March 23 Bishop of Armenia, c. 332 — Commemoration 23 March

Today we honour Gregory the Illuminator, the Apostle of the Armenians, who illumined his nation with the light of the gospel. In fact, it was through his ministry that Armenia became the first kingdom in the ancient world to make Christianity its official religion.

He was born in Armenia in the middle of the third century, but spent his childhood and youth in a neighbouring, Greekspeaking country, where he was raised a Christian. Around the year 280 he returned to Armenia and after many adversities succeeded in converting King Ti-ri-da’-tes, who then gave him every assistance in rooting out paganism and establishing Christianity among the Armenian people.

Twenty years or so after the beginning of his mission Gregory was ordained bishop; he spent the next three decades consolidating his work until his death around the year 332. Despite horrible persecutions in this century, when millions of Armenians were done to death by the Turks, the Church that Gregory founded remains strong and vital. Let us therefore give thanks for his life, and for the grace which God gave to him for bringing a whole nation to new birth in Christ.

Daily Morning Prayer

I have started to record Morning Prayer and make it available on our web page.  I will make every effort to provide this Monday thru Saturday.  You will continue to receive a SG Morning Prayer for Sunday from Marion.  I am following the liturgy of the Church of England rather than the Anglican Church of Canada because if you want to read along with me everything is online, i.e. you don’t need to use books.  The text can be found at  You only need to ‘click’ on Morning Prayer (Contemporary).  If there are a few bugs in the beginning please be patient as they are sorted out. 


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