Rector’s Update – March 18, 2020

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I pray that you are all healthy and managing as best as you can during this time of uncertainty.  There are a few things I’d like to pass on.

1. Bishop Geoff has issued several directives and there are more to come.  I suggest you check in regularly at the diocesan web page ( and stay up to date.

2.  On Sunday I asked for 9 volunteers to each take a section of our parish directory and be in touch with ‘your page’ at least weekly.  I still need three more volunteers so if you would like to help out please contact Marian.

3.  Each week an Order of Service for Morning Prayer will be emailed to the parish.  Either by yourself or with your family, I encourage you to prayer the service on Sunday morning.  In doing so, please remember that you are not alone in praying the office but are joined by your fellow parishioners.

4.  We are still collecting food for those in need.  The Wilton door is open and the baskets are on the cement bench in the birdcage.

5.  Rick and I have decided that should the building restrictions still be in effect on the 12th of April, the first Sunday after the building restrictions have been lifted we will celebrate Easter.

6.  Jacqueline Thomson, our Sunday School leader, will be emailing material to the parents of her Sunday School participants.

In Christ,


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