Rector’s Update – March 20, 2020

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I am pleased to advise you that we now have enough people who have volunteered to be in touch with ‘one page’ of our parish directory on a weekly basis. I would also like you to know that as part of my morning prayers I read through the parish directory and pray for each of you. If you have specific concerns or joys you would like me to pray for please give me a call or drop me note.

Cheryl and Darryl Ferguson have very generously offered to do some grocery/supplies shopping for people and drop them off at a person’s home. For further details please contact the church office.

I came across an interesting article in the Atlantic I thought you might like to read. It can be found at

If you find yourself getting a little stir-crazy you may wish to turn to Arts and Letters Daily at There you will find articles of interest and links to many good quality newspapers and periodicals.

Marian has emailed the Morning Prayer Order of Service for this Sunday. Also, on the diocesan website, you will find the a link to “Live from Anglican Lutheran Centre with Bishop Geoff” on Sunday morning.

I am also asking that you pay particular attention to the elderly people that you encounter in your daily lives. Perhaps there is a neighbour that under other circumstances you might only wish them a ‘good morning’ or such, but now might welcome a more intentional engagement. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to be an un-anxious and calming influence in the world.

I pray for your good health and for the health of the world.

In Christ,


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